Call to schedule your RV Getaway

RV Getaway made simple.

Here is how it works:

  1. Pick out which travel trailer you want to rent and make sure it is available for the dates you want to use it. Contact us via email or our contact form to confirm the trailer is available for the date you require.
  2. Verify your planned tow vehicle is equipped to safely tow the travel trailer you plan to rent. Tow vehicle requirements are listed on the web page for each trailer.
  3. A deposit of $300 will reserve the trailer in your name. This deposit is applied to your trailer rental fee. The balance is due when you pick up the trailer. Please call or email to arrange payment. We accept major credit cards, checks and PayPal.
  4. When you arrive to pick up the trailer, we will do complete walk-through with you and explain how the trailer works and go over the specifics of towing a trailer. We will also confirm your vehicle can safely tow the trailer. We want your experience to be fun and exciting but first and foremost, SAFE!
  5. RV Getaway, LLC is committed to providing you with an enjoyable and hassle free trip. If you have any questions on the road, help is only a phone call away. We are available 24/7 to help answer any questions you may have.
  6. ​When returning the trailer, please call us when you get close to our base and we will meet you there to do a final walk-through. We offer optional propane service, septic service and cleaning service. If you purchase these services ahead of time you do not need to worry about filling the propane tanks, emptying the septic tanks or cleaning the trailer after you use it.

Rent With Us

Deposits, Fees and Payments

Nightly Rate: $120

Weekly Rate (7 days): $800

Holiday Weekends Require Minimum 1 Week Rental

Holiday Weekends:

Memorial Day Weekend

Independence Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

Off Season Rates Available Upon Request (Oct - April)

Our payment method is simple:
Nightly RV rental fee + sales tax
Any optional items you select (see below)
​Fully refundable $500 security deposit - this is refunded to you when you return the trailer as outlined in the Rental Agreement.

Please call or email to arrange payment. We accept major credit cards, checks and PayPal. 

​You will also pay a $500 refundable security deposit. This is refunded to you after you bring the trailer back on time, in the same condition it went out. Things that might reduce the amount refunded include: 

Damage to the trailer that occurred while in your care
Cigarette smoke, pet or other odors that require removal (entire security deposit is forfeited if there is evidence of smoking or pets in the travel trailer)
Excessive cleaning required by us upon return (we expect to do a light cleaning, but a filthy or damaged trailer will result in extra fees)
Late return of trailer 

​Here’s how the fees and payments work:

When you make a 1-week RV reservation, you'll pay a part of your RV rental fees up front in the form of a $300.00 reservation deposit. This is applied to your rental fee.
When you come to pick up the trailer, you will pay the remaining $568.00 plus the $500 security deposit.
After you return the travel trailer we will perform an inspection. Assuming there is no new damage and the trailer is clean, etc. we will refund your security deposit. 

​Propane service: $50 - With this service you do not need to stop and refill the propane tanks before returning the trailer, we will fill them for you.
Septic service: $50 - With the septic service, you can leave the final emptying of the septic tanks to us.
Cleaning service: $125 - No need to clean the travel trailer before returning it. Just drop it off and we'll take care of the rest.